Ian Hatcher

Book and booking info, Jan/Feb 2016


Ian Hatcher is a text/sound/code artist whose work explores human cognition in the context of digital systems. He is the author of an audio/print book, Prosthesis (Poor Claudia 2016), a chapbook, The All-New (Anomalous 2015), and numerous screen-based animated/interactive texts. He has released two poetry apps, most recently Abra, with Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin, which was published in parallel with an artists book featuring laser cuts, thermochromic ink, and a slot for a conjoining iPad (Center for Book and Paper Arts 2015). His code-inflected vocal performances have been presented throughout the United States and in Europe, including at The Kitchen in NY, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and recently at the International Festival of Text-Sound Poetry in NY, co-presented by ISSUE Project Room, the Goethe-Institut, Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, and Wendy's Subway. He holds an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University, and lives in New York.


Excerpts from Prosthesis

"The All-New"
PDF | MP3 (2:50) [MP3 corresponds to pages 13-15 in PDF]

"Not Not"
PDF | MP3 (6:30)

Recent video

Clip from a 2015 reading of "Drone Pilot v0.2" at Judson Church, NY

Confirmed shows for Spring 2016

- Feb 6: Upload: Patterns of the Mind, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY
- Feb 14-15: Cosmosmose Festival, Cologne/Düsseldorf DE
- Feb 19: Babycastles, New York NY
- Mar 4: BGSQD (for Dream Closet), New York NY
- Mar 11: Giovanni's Room, Philadelphia PA
- Mar 12: Ottobar, Federal Dust, Baltimore MD
- Mar 13: Barrelhouse, Washington DC
- Apr 1: RADIO, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris FR
- Apr 4: Krakatoa, Goethe Institut, Bratislava SK
- Apr 7: Lettrétage, Berlin DE
- Apr 13: 101 Festival, St Petersburg RU
- Apr 17: houseevenT, Geneva CH
- Apr 20: Montévidéo, Marseille FR
- Apr 23: Printed Matter, New York NY
- Apr 28: Poor Claudia book launch, Babycastles, New York NY
- Apr 30: no//thing but noise, 538 Johnson, Brooklyn NY

This page was created to support an effort to arrange additional readings and performances along the eastern USA and in Europe. Several more shows are pending confirmation, dates TBD.

I've performed my work at universities, in theaters, in bookstores, in music venues, in galleries, and so on. If a projector is available, I can do a multimedia reading involving duets with the screen, but I'm happy to do without.

For more info, please be in touch:


Prosthesis — available February from Poor Claudia


"Flooded with voices not its own, with flows of information and code both seductive and alienating, the multitudinous "I" speaking from within Prosthesis addresses us tenderly, beseechingly, grappling with felt loss, with immersive gain, both of which overwhelm as wave after wave of irreversible feedback expand the entrapping and enabling network, itself a prosthesis for us all."
— Stephanie Strickland

"Ian Hatcher has always understood that there is no life or language without prosthesis, and he is wonderful in his ability to make prosthetic beauty in language, for us, his listening readers. Everyday our language is being transfigured by processes and devices — enjoined to us and running in our bodies, minds, and memories. Hatcher knows, feels, and makes these processes his writing. At times, they may present and celebrate themselves as glitched symbolic images, yet they are true impressions of what we are already and of what we may become. Consciously and carefully — full of care for himself and us — Hatcher then learns to perform these intimate processes with skill, and so he demonstrates in expressive action just how we've been prosthetically transformed. His book is also the voices he has made, a language art with strong and deep affect and significance, an instant contemporary classic of aurature."
— John Cayley

"No one has explored our current language as signal and processing in quite the same way as Ian Hatcher. In Prosthesis, he exposes the code structure of natural language through his deft combination of formal procedures and intuitive interventions. These test pattern / text pattern works perform their constructions / deconstructions of the communicative structures of contemporary poetic practice in acts of (un)making that are sensually rich and intellectually provocative. Be sure to look at these works—and listen to Hatcher's performances—to sense their timings and shaped rhythms, their staccato repetitions, combinatoric sequences, algorithmic arrays, and their elegant dissections of traditional poetic forms."
— Johanna Drucker