Performing Drone Pilot v0.2 at Judson Memorial Church (NYC), 3/29/15. Photo by NYPAC


Ian Hatcher is a text/sound/code artist, author of Prosthesis (Poor Claudia, 2016), and developer of the poetry app Abra, a collaboration with Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin. His code-inflected vocal performances have been presented throughout the United States and in Europe, including at The Kitchen in NY, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and recently at the International Festival of Text-Sound Poetry in NY, co-presented by ISSUE Project Room, the Goethe-Institut, Ultima Oslo, and Wendy's Subway. He holds an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University and lives in New York.

[ CV ]


Feb 6: Upload: Patterns of the Mind, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY - info
Feb 14-15: cOsmOsmOse Festival, Düsseldorf DE - info
Feb 19: Babycastles, New York NY - info
Mar 4: BGSQD (for Dream Closet), New York NY - info
Mar 11, 7pm: Giovanni's Room - Philadelphia, PA - info
Mar 12: 5pm: Ottobar, Federal Dust - Baltimore, MD - info
Mar 13: 7pm: Barrelhouse reading - Washington, DC - info
Apr 1: RADIO, Fondation Louis Vuitton - Paris, France - info
Apr 4: Krakatoa (Mladý pes), Goethe Institut - Bratislava, Slovakia - info
Apr 7: Lettrétage - Berlin, Germany - info
Apr 13: 101 Festival - St Petersburg, Russia - info
Apr 17: housevenT - Geneva, Switzerland - info
Apr 20: Montévidéo - Marseille, France - info
Apr 23: Abra launch, Printed Matter - New York, NY
Apr 28: Poor Claudia book launch, Babycastles - New York, NY - info
Apr 30: no//thing but noise, TBA - Brooklyn, NY
May 18-21: ISEA 2016 - Hong Kong, China - info
Jun 8: Space - Portland, ME
Jun 10-12: ELO 2016 - Victoria, BC - info

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2016 - Recent:
Feb 6: Upload: Patterns of the Mind, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY - info
Feb 14-15: cOsmOsmOse Festival, Düsseldorf DE - info
Feb 19: Babycastles, New York NY - info
Mar 4: BGSQD (for Dream Closet), New York NY - info
Mar 11, 7pm: Giovanni's Room - Philadelphia, PA - info
Mar 12: 5pm: Ottobar, Federal Dust - Baltimore, MD - info
Mar 13: 7pm: Barrelhouse reading - Washington, DC - info

Tuesday November 10, 2015 - 8pm
ISSUE Project Room presents: International Festival of Text-Sound Poetry
Wendy's Subway, 722 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY
info | venue | map

Thursday October 29, 2015 - 6pm
Francesca Capone's Writing-in-Threads launch
Printed Matter, 231 11th Ave, New York NY
info | venue | map

Friday October 16, 2015 - 7pm
In Visible Architectures reading
Artists Space Books & Talks, 55 Walker St, New York NY
info | venue | map

Saturday August 22, 2015 - 4pm
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition reading
481 Van Brunt St (Door 7), Red Hook, Brooklyn NY

Thursday July 23, 2015 - 6pm
Reading in Seattle
Also on the bill: Amaranth Borsuk, Jessica Bozek, & Ted Mathys
Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar, 1508 11th Ave, Seattle WA
venue | map

Thursday June 18, 2015 - 7pm
Triptych reading
Also on the bill: Miriam Atkin & Christine Chia
Babycastles, 137 W 14th St, New York NY
info | venue | map

Friday May 15, 2015 - 7:30pm
Publication Studio Hudson reading
Also on the bill: Bethany Ides & Joseph Bradshaw
460 Main St, Catskill NY
info | venue | map

Sunday April 26, 2015 - 7pm
Tim Atticus Open Studio reading
90 E 3rd St, New York NY
info | map

Saturday April 25, 2015 - 8pm
Inpatient Press reading
Also on the bill: Cassandra Seltman, Clare Nazarena Tascio
Mellow Pages Library, 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn NY
info | venue | map

April 9-11, 2015
AWP readings in Minneapolis MN
· Thurs 9pm - Chateau LaSalle (Poor Claudia) - info
· Fri 6pm - Gamut Gallery (Anomalous / Argos / Circumference / et al) - info
· Sat 5:30pm - Acadia Pub (Insert Blanc / Les Figues / Wonder) - info

Sunday March 29, 2015
Performing in User Agent
curated by Rachel Valinsky for NYPAC
Also on the bill: Tyler Coburn (feat. Susan Bennett), Lanny Jordan Jackson, Research Service
4-6:30pm, Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Sq S, New York NY

March 13-April 7th, 2015
Installation in Maximum Sideline: Postscript exhibition
Proxy Gallery, 270 Westminster St, Providence RI

Saturday March 28, 2015
&NOW 2015
"Mixed Doubles: Collaboration and Textual Tension" panel - info
With Amaranth Borsuk, Andy Fitch, Nick Montfort, & Stephanie Strickland
4pm, CalArts, Los Angeles CA

Thursday March 19, 2015
WordHack reading w Stephanie Strickland
Also on the bill: Sam Lavigne, Pedro Oliveira, Francesca Capone
7pm, Babycastles, 137 W 14th St, New York NY

March 13-15, 2015
Interrupting at Interrupt 3
Brown University, Providence RI

Saturday February 7, 2015
Reading at Segue
on a bill with Veronica Gonzalez Peña
4:30pm, Zinc Bar, 82 W 3rd St, NY NY

Tuesday February 3, 2015
Reading at Rat Court
on a bill w Alexandra Schwartz and Eric Allen Schwartau
7pm, KGB Bar, NY NY

— 2014 —

Friday December 19, 2014
Subtractive: Poor Claudia reading
on a bill with Kaia Sand, Robert Tyree, & Skylar Leaf
7pm, Newspace, 1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland OR

Friday November 21, 2014
Performing in Ekphrazein III: The Door Archetype
Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (Jung Institute), 28 E 39th St, NY NY

Thursday November 20, 2014
Reading at WordHack V
Babycastles, 137 W 14th St, NY NY

Sunday October 19, 2014
Reading for LUNGFULL, on a bill with Anne Tardos
5pm, Zinc Bar, 82 W 3rd St, NY NY

Saturday October 18, 2014
Lonely Drive with Ian McAlpin
Cross-Dissolve Conference, Knockdown Center, Queens NY

Sunday October 12, 2014
"Touching Writing, Haptic Thinking" panel
with Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin, Samantha Gorman, & Stephanie Strickland
1pm, [Dis]embodied Poetics Conference, Naropa University, Boulder CO

Saturday October 4, 2014
Reading at Francesca Capone's Oblique Archive exhibition
6pm, Peninsula Art Space, Red Hook, BK NY

Thursday June 26, 2014
Reading with Timothy Atticus paintings
7pm, Van Der Plas Gallery, 156 Orchard, New York NY

June 18-21, 2014
Abra in the Media Arts Show; Vniverse artist talk with Stephanie Strickland
ELO "Hold the Light" conference, Milwaukee WI

Saturday June 21, 2014
Reading with Amaranth Borsuk & Stephanie Strickland
7pm, Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee WI

Saturday May 31, 2014
Performing Videogänger with Ian McAlpin
Pathways: Past/Present, Moran Power Plant, Burlington VT

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Telepresent CAVE reading of Cubes in Anthology 4
7pm, Granoff Center at Brown University, Providence RI

Sunday March 30, 2014
Accompanying Chris Riffle on guitar
7pm, The Scratcher, New York NY

Saturday March 29, 2014
Yes! reading with Stephanie Strickland & Jamie Townsend
8pm, Albany Center Gallery, 39 Columbia Street, Albany NY

Friday March 14, 2014
CLOCK 4 release party reading
8pm, Wendy's Subway, Brooklyn NY

Saturday March 8, 2014
WILD COMBINATION reading with Andrew Durbin & Lucy Ives
8pm, 68 University Avenue, Providence RI

Thursday February 27, 2014
"New Media Beyond the Book" panel (with Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin) at AWP
4:30pm, Washington State Convention Center #608, Seattle WA

Thursday February 27, 2014
An Evening of Electronic Literature
With Samantha Gorman, Dene Grigar, Alexander Mouton, Brian Kim Stefans, & Stephanie Strickland
7pm, Ada's Technical Books, 425 15th Ave E, Seattle WA

FEB 17 2014
Accompanying Chris Riffle on guitar
8pm, The Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St, NY NY

JAN 26 2014
Reading with Stephanie Strickland in Triple Canopy's The Making of Americans
1pm, Triple Canopy, 155 Freeman St, Brooklyn NY

JAN 24 & 25, 2014
Performing Fixate with the Moving Architects
8pm, Green Space, 37-24 24th Street #301, Long Island City NY

— 2013 —

NOV 8 & 10, 2013
Performing with the Moving Architects in Your Move festival
Art House Productions, Jersey City NJ

NOV 2, 2013
Reading with Rob Halpern and Melissa Buzzeo
7:30pm, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, 83A Hester St, New York NY

OCT 11, 2013
Reading with Matthew Klane, Stephanie Strickland, and Claire Donato
7:30pm, Unnameable Books, Brooklyn NY

SEPT 24, 2013
Prosthesis reading at Chercher le texte (ELO 13)
Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

SEPT 17-18, 2013
9/17: Performance with the Moving Architects
9/18: Performance with Catherine Siller
8pm, Triskelion Arts, 118 N 11th St, Brooklyn NY

SEPT 15, 2013
Touch Theory Informal Showcase featuring the Moving Architects
8pm, Peridance (Studio 1), 126 East 13th St, New York NY

SEPT 13, 2013
BURNING BRIDGES: The Claudius App reading
8pm, n+1, 68 Jay St, Brooklyn NY

SEPT 6, 2013
Jason Huff exhibition opening - reading from "The Road Not Taken"
6pm, New Britain Museum of American Art, 56 Lexington Street, New Britain CT

JUNE 17-20, 2013
Prosthesis reading and Body Text/Voiced/Unvoiced (with Catherine Siller)
E-Poetry Festival, Watermans Arts Centre, London

MAY 10, 2013
Reading in 'Phantastische Gebete' with Andrew Durbin & Jennifer Tamayo (info)
7pm, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, 27 Orchard St, New York NY

MAY 4, 2013
Reading in 'SHITLUCK VII' (info)
8pm, Tip Top Bar, 432 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn NY

APR 13, 2013
Prosthesis in 'The Book That Was To Come' (info)
1pm, Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago IL

MAR 25, 2013
Prosthesis in 'An Evening with Electronic Literature Organization' (info)
7pm, The Kitchen, New York NY

MAR 9, 2013
GET LIT (Mental Marginalia reading series)
5-8pm, Club Cafe, Napoleon Room, Boston MA

MAR 8, 2013
LIT Journal at MIT: Reading & Performance
6-7:30pm, room 6-120, MIT, Boston MA

FEB 7-9, 2013
Two Worlds with the Moving Architects
8pm (all three nights), BalletMet Performance Space, Columbus OH

— 2012 —

DEC 26, 2012
Music set (opening for & accompanying Chris Riffle)
8pm, The Triple Door, 216 Union St, Seattle WA

NOV 16 & 17, 2012
Body Text (with Catherine Siller) at The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY
Friday 11/16 at 9pm, Saturday 11/17 at 7pm, $18

OCT 13, 2012
Prosthesis at Pixilerations v.9
8pm, Granoff Center, 154 Angell St, Providence RI

SEPT 8, 2012
Prosthesis at TOTEM IV
8pm, Cantina Royale, 58 N 3rd St, Brooklyn NY

JUN 20-23, 2012
Prosthesis and "Future of ELO" panel
ELO 2012, Morgantown WV

MAY 2-6, 2012
Assisting with Ultra-red's "What is the sound of freedom?" at the Whitney Biennial
Whitney Museum, New York NY

MAY 5, 2012
Prosthesis in ITINERANT Performance Art Festival
Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island NY

APR 28, 2012
Prosthesis in ITINERANT Performance Art Festival
Floor4Art, New York NY

APR 19-21, 2012
Excerpts from Prosthesis and Public Cloud
Network Archaeology, Miami University, Oxford OH

FEB 10-12, 2012
Excerpts from Prosthesis and Public Cloud
Interrupt II, Brown University, Providence RI

FEB 3-4, 2012
Signal Box (with Hayley Sunshine) & Prosthesis
Language to Cover a Wall, Electronic Poetry Center, UB Buffalo NY

JAN 7, 2012
PLUCK (with the Moving Architects)
5:30pm, APAP 2012, Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway, New York NY

  • Prosthesis

    Poetry collection
    Poor Claudia, March 2016

    "Flooded with voices not its own, with flows of information and code both seductive and alienating, the multitudinous "I" speaking from within Prosthesis addresses us tenderly, beseechingly, grappling with felt loss, with immersive gain, both of which overwhelm as wave after wave of irreversible feedback expand the entrapping and enabling network, itself a prosthesis for us all." —Stephanie Strickland

    [ Read excerpt / order a copy ]
    [ Listen to readings from Prosthesis ]

  • The All-New

    Poetry chapbook
    Anomalous Press, April 2015

    "A data crunch of our most present and cruelly lived experiences, those that press ever closer into each of our respective and inescapable purviews—it's terrifying. But The All-New is not without avenues of transcendence. Hatcher chips away at this commodity fetishist's dreamland and disabuses it of content's trustworthiness. When value and trust fall as forms, and not in them, the data begins to dream as well." —Ted Dodson

    [ Order a copy ]
    [ Listen to an excerpt ]

  • Abra (with Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin)

    Artist's book
    Center for Book and Paper Arts, 2015

    Limited-edition letterpressed artist's book, created in parallel with the Abra app and designed in collaboration with the CBPA. Features custom laser cuts, foil-stamping, thermochromic ink, and a slot in the back of the book for a conjoining iPad. More info, photos, and details on purchasing:

    [ ]

— APPS —
  • Abra: A Living Text
    (with Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin)

    Abra is a digital poem that mutates its own text continuously over time and learns new words from its reader. At once an interactive reading experience, language toy, and writing tool, it rewards freewheeling play and experimentation, and appreciates emoji.

    Abra is the result of two years of collaboration between Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin, myself, and the Center for Book and Paper Arts, who supported it with an NEA-funded Expanded Artists' Books grant. Published in parallel is a limited-edition letterpressed artist's book, featuring thermochromic ink, laser-cut pages, and a slot in the back for a conjoining iPad running the Abra app. More info:

    Available free for iPhone and iPad.

    [ App Store ]

  • Vniverse
    (with Stephanie Strickland)

    Vniverse is a poetry instrument in the form of a field of stars. Readers can draw constellations of words, follow tercets aligned with patterns in the sky, and consult an enigmatic Oracle.

    This app accompanies and complements a new edition of Stephanie Strickland's book, V: WaveTercets / Losing L'una (SpringGun 2014). More info:

    Available free for iPad.

    [ App Store ]


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An arc of work concerned with telepresence and systemic violence. This video is from a performance titled Drone Pilot v0.2, curated by Rachel Valinsky for NYPAC, 3/29/15 at Judson Memorial Church, NY.


Prosthesis is a suite of text/sound/media poems addressing identity, artificiality, feedback loops, and the self as multiplicity. The project has been adapted into a full-length audio/print book, available from Poor Claudia.


This improvisational performance of a live-self interrogated by a video-self controlled by a puppet-master-self — all named Ian — grapples with questions of power, abstraction, identity, and horses. It was performed with Ian McAlpin at Pathways Past/Present, an exhibition at the Moran Power Plant in Burlington VT, curated by Catherine Siller.

This video, by Nathan Swanson & Gregory Mahoney, is documentation of the entire Pathways event; Videogänger footage begins at 21:00.


A series of live performances with Catherine Siller involving motion-tracking hardware and live vocal processing. This video is an excerpt from a show at the Brick Theater, Brooklyn.


An algorithmically composed remix of Beckett's How It Is.
Performed with (and conceptualized by) John Cayley, video by Peter Bussigel.


A duet with Asimina Chremos, with text adapted from Susan Howe's The Midnight.


facebook: ihatch
twitter: ihatch
vimeo: ihatch
instagram: iautocorrectcher

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Performing Drone Pilot v0.2 at Judson Memorial Church (NYC), 3/29/15. Photo by NYPAC