Ian Hatcher is a text / sound / code / performance artist based in New York. [ + ]





Feb 8 Interrupt V   [ info ]
Brown University, Providence RI
Feb 23, 8pm Performing Private Screening at IN>TIME Festival / Red Rover   [ info ]
On a bill with Anna Martine Whitehead
OuterSpace, Chicago IL
Apr 11, 7:30pm No Microphone  
The Poetry Project, New York NY
Apr 23, 7pm Book launch for Stephanie Strickland's How the Universe is Made   [ info ]
Reading with Stephanie Strickland and Claire Donato
KGB Bar, New York NY
Mar 22 - May 12 Sound installation in La Voix Libérée Poesie Sonore exhibition   [ info ]
Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
June 7, 8, 9 Performing Private Screening as part of the goat island archive–we have discovered the performance by making it exhibition   [ info ]
Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago IL
July 15-17 Performing Private Screening at ELO 2019   [ info ]
Cork, Ireland

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